God and human

GOD and human25/8/2010
The best and butiful sense of smell of roze flower and all of them for you by my hello.God the name of existence means all butiful things that possible in all of our minds.Whom knows everythig and has intolerable power and intolerable kind and see everything and he manage all of the world by the  unknown things that human can,t reach it,and never can understand connate him.Ever think about power of thinking?human progress in this years ,in stars,space,medicine..are resulted from thinking,aren,t they?No everybody can thankful him.Therefore everybody must regulated connection to him by correct order to take benefits only for person himself because the GOD not requir anyting.In future i bother you and explain this duties and you can see big wonderful results in your family,health,childern progrss,attain to worth etc.
Thanks regard MoshiKgKg

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