Lovely girls and women

Oh my god you are very kind and donor.You give us the best gifts, nature with nice sky,nice trees nice flowers,and better than all respire.But but we can,t utilize them.I saw small girl and her mam one hand in mam hand and another hand with small and dirty doll.They were died in north of Pakistan with half open eyes and questioner why?In afghanistan one house was blasted one woman with her one years old girl in hug ,badly died and some childern else too.That small girl and childern and women were askiny why?...Every day this scenario repeat and repeat.In iraq woman face was mashed by soldiers butt.Why?...Some childern were burned under the broken wall.why?...In Ghazeh freuqently girls and women daily use for transgressor military person.In jail...oh ...what can i say?Daily transport girls and women from Us,Europe,Asia,and Africa and all of the world to Israel,and trade of them is business trader.Newly some boutique in Telavive use them for selling by size made from country and price.why?...for responce all of the above it seems they(zionist) says nations of Us(big honor people), Europe(sientists and cultural people) ,and all of the people must give tax to goverments for doing this acts by them.Don,t believe it?!Remain and see again and again.


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